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 Helical Tower Anchors

Helical Tower Anchors

ECP's complete line of tower anchors is available for utility contractors that require a fast and cost effective tower support anchor. Whether for the utility new construction tower support or repair applications, ECP's Utility Tower Anchors keep the job on schedule and on budget. Our engineering department is standing by to help from conception to completion for civil and structural engineers as well as project management personnel. Call today to speak with our trained staff.

Helical Ground Anchors are designed and sized to match load requirements, soil conditions and available site access. Multiple sizes and capacities allow precise designs for the utility industry. Whether a monopole, lattice steel, guyed tower or self supporting tower helical tower anchors can be job matched by design and load requirements. Helical ground anchors can be used to resist mast and tower loads which consist of lateral and compressive loads focused at the base of the structure. Whether a self supporting tower or a guyed tower or pole, helical ground anchors provide a cost effective solution. No matter the application ECP Helical Tower Anchors are the Designed and Engineered to Perform product of choice for the utility industry.

Table 2 - Capacities of ECP Helical Torque Anchors™
Shaft Size
Installation Torque Factor (k)
Axial Compression Load Limit
Ultimate-Limit Tension Strength
Useable Torsional Strength
Practical Load Limit Based Torsional Strength
9 - 11
70,000 lb.
70,000 lb.
7,500 ft-lb
Load limited to the rated capacity of the attachments and the lateral soil strength against the shaft
9 - 11
100,000 lb.
100,000 lb.
10,000 ft-lb
10 - 12
200,000 lb.
200,000 lb.
23,000 ft-lb
8 - 9
100,000 lb.
100,000 lb.
9,500 ft-lb
80,000 lb
7 - 8
115,000 lb.
120,000 lb.
13,000 ft-lb
97,000 lb
6 - 7
160,000 lb.
160,000 lb.
22,000 ft-lb
143,000 lb


Multiple sizes and capacities allow precise design and load match for all applications. The table above displays a complete selection of Helical Anchors available for the utility industry. Helical ground anchor leads are available in lengths from 3' (1M) to 10' (3M). Helix diameters range for 6" (150mm) to 14" (355mm) in both 3/8" and ½" thickness. Multiple helix combinations, situated on the same shaft, allows the designer to target ideal load bearing soils and formations. Helical ground anchor extensions are also available in 3' (1M) to 10' (3M) lengths with a forged coupling for quick precise connection. Various termination connectors are available to secure the structure to the ground anchor from single mount to grillage mounting.

Corrosion protection is provided in the form of hot dipped galvanization (per ASTM A123). Hot-dipped galvanization is a great choice for protection from the elements giving design professionals the assurance of long-term performance. This added protection allows for installation in aggressive soils and wet areas alike; see our Design and Technical Service Manual for full corrosion information.


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