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 Helical Light Pole Foundations

Helical Light Pole Foundations

150 - 500 lb. < 3,500 ft-lb. 4" Dia x 4'-8" Long LPS-400-60
500-1,000 lb. <10,500 ft-lb. 6-5/8" Dia x 5' Long LPS-663-60
500-1,000 lb. <10,500 ft-lb. 6-5/8" Dia x 7' Long LPS-663-84
1,000-1,200 lb. <21,000 ft-lb. 8-5/8" Dia x 5' Long LPS-863-60
1,000-1,200 lb. <21,000 ft-lb. 8-5/8" Dia x 7' Long LPS-863-84
1,200-1,500 lb. <37,000 ft-lb. 10-3/4" Dia x 7' Long LPS-1075-84-14
1,200-1,500 lb. <37,000 ft-lb. 10-3/4" Dia x 10' Long LPS-1075-120-14

*Custom configuration available by request

ECP light pole support anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above grade applications to support street, site and parking light poles. The ECP light pole support anchor systems are installed with hydraulic rotary equipment that turn the foundation in to the ground with the assistance of a helix shaped plate that acts as a screw for ease of installation. For more information please see our Utility Industry Anchor Design and Maintenance Manual.

To facilitate a quick installation a cableway is precut in the shaft to allow for wiring access through the side then up through the base plate. Unlike traditional concrete foundation methods, there is no site preparation, weather delays, curing time or spoils to remove.

ECP Utility manufactures helical light pole anchors as foundations for street and parking light pole foundations. Ideal for compression and tension forces, helical screw anchor foundations apply to all types of lighting foundations. ECP Utility is "The Very Best" manufacturer of helical foundation anchors for the civil construction and utility industries. ECP produces the highest quality helical anchors and foundation accessories to provide support for light poles without the need for concrete.

Helical pier foundation systems are installed to reach competent soils located below the active zone, creating a predictable torque-to-capacity ratio. The helix geometry of each steel helix minimizes disturbance of the soil so that no excavation or spoils will need to be removed during or after installation. ECP Utility helical foundation systems can be installed in all weather conditions, keeping job on track and on time.

The ECP Utility Engineering Department will work with you on product selection and foundation design to provide the strongest foundation system possible. Each high strength helical foundation anchor has galvanized helix lead section to which steel extensions of the same size can be added to reach desired depths and or torque readings. Various sizes and configurations are available to match load requirements and soil conditions.

Helical ground anchors have changed the utility construction industry by providing a quick, cost competitive and verifiable solution to utility professionals throughout the world. ECP Utility helical anchors provide a verifiable foundation element for tension and compressive applications for telecommunication towers, utility poles, transmission and distribution lines, solar panel and wind tower foundations. Don't wait, call the steel foundation experts today.

ECP's Light Pole Foundations are Engineered for:

  • Street Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Decorative Light Poles
  • Highway Signage
  • Monopoles
  • Foundation Support

It Is Recommended That A Registered Professional Engineer Conduct The Design.

ECP Utility is your foundation solution in the electric utility lighting and power industry.


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